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10 Tips Building Strong Business Network Relationships

You can’t do everything yourself in the world of business. This is why it is so important to network and build relationships. You should always be out there meeting people and cultivating the relationships. Here are 10 tips to help your networking efforts. 1. Make an Effort Get organised and plan a schedule of attending events or other opportunities to network, along with following up and nurturing your new relationships. 2. Face to Face Is Better than Virtual The internet makes it easy to meet people and stay in touch, but face-to-face contact in person is still the best. 3. Know What You Bring to the Table Take a good look at your resources and skill set to determine what you can do for others. Approach the new people you meet with confidence and let this value show. 4. Get into Conversations Try to get into a real conversation with someone even if it means you’ll meet fewer people. 5. Go for a Win-Win Don’t form relationships based strictly on what others can do for you. If you make each relationship mutually rewarding so that it’s beneficial for everyone. 6. Stay in Touch Whether you interact casually on social media or actually write formal follow-up letters, it’s important to stay on the radar of the people you meet. 7. Follow Up with an Offer Offer some kind of help they need that you can provide in just a few minutes. Your new contact will immediately see the value you have to offer. 8. Keep Records Keep a file on each of your contacts. Make a record of personal information for each of your contacts such as their likes and dislikes as well as pertinent business information. 9. Maintain Professionalism Your contacts aren’t your friends. For some with whom you have a more distant relationship, keep the appropriate level of professionalism. 10. Pay Attention Through each contact within your business network relationships, pay attention and listen closely. If you like this video, why not click the like button below and also subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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