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10 Soical Media Facts and Statistics

Social Media Facts 1. Over 75% of all Internet users use social media. Social media sites used to be an auxiliary territory in Internetland, but its become clear that these kinds of sites are now the bread and butter of modern Web activity. They make up a sizable portion of all Web traffic. 2. For younger users, Instagram is more important than Facebook and Twitter. While Facebook and Twitter are still the reigning leaders, their mainstream status means that the younger generation considers them old school. 3. LinkedIn is the most important social network for professionals. The value of LinkedIn is proportional to where you are in your career path. Its where you need to be if you want to build new business connections and relationships, and its been that way since 2002. 4. Most social networks are evenly split between males and females except Pinterest, which is used by 42% of females but only 13% of males. In comparison, Facebook is used by 77% vs. 66%, Instagram is used by 29% vs. 22%, Twitter is used by 21% vs. 24%, and LinkedIn is used by 27% vs. 28%. 5. For the 18-49 age group, YouTube has greater reach than any cable network. This statistic actually first came to light back in 2013, but the truth is that YouTubes popularity and reach has grown even more since then. 6. YouTube is massive, but Facebook is still bigger. Everyone knows that Google is the most-visited website in the world, but no one would blame you if you thought YouTube came in second. As popular as it is, its still outranked by Facebook. 7. The largest online dating site is actually a social network: Badoo. OkCupid, Tinder, Adult FriendFinder, Ashley Madison all of these sites have a higher public profile than the humble Badoo, but the truth is, Badoo has the largest membership base by a long shot. 8. Reddit is the best social network for large-scale communities. On its 10th anniversary, Reddit had just over 36 million user accounts spread across 850,000+ subreddits (i.e., individual communities) and approximately 10,000 of those subreddits had some activity yesterday. 9. Social media encourages the development of more extreme viewpoints. The beauty of social media is that it hands over a lot of control to the end user but this control is a double-edged sword: its great for finding like-minded communities, but it demolishes the diversity of ideas. 10. Teens need to be made more aware of privacy and security issues. In general, people just arent very good about personal privacy and security, but teens are especially bad with it. Only 9% of teenaged social media users even have concerns about the privacy of their data.

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